Repairing a House – Maintenance Reserve

Many people who want to live the dream of their own home or their own home and do not want to live for a longer period of time have to reckon with every cent. A property is for most people the biggest purchase they will ever make in their lives, and the decision for the right property is not infrequently dependent on the financial opportunities and the game room. Already with the acquisition of a property are many ancillary costs associated. A brokerage fee must be paid to the mediating broker, the notary expects a corresponding remuneration for the certification of the purchase contract, and then the basic income tax must be paid. In this way, up to 10% additional costs are incurred for the purchase of a property.

After the move, you have a few years of rest, especially in a new building, before the first things have to be broken and repaired. As long as it is only a matter of trifles, one can certainly pay this from the monthly budget available. But hardly a real estate buyer thinks about the way his house or apartment might look like in 20 years, and that at the latest one or other major repairs might be due. Therefore, when calculating the financing and taking into account the available capital, you should consider the maintenance reserve to be calculated.

This repayment can then be used to pay for repairs and repairs if necessary, because if a roof has to be rebuilt or a fa├žade has to be refurbished, this can cost a considerable amount which is not available if it has not been planned from the outset requires a new presentation. So it is best to calculate the maintenance reserve right from the start, when you consider the purchase or new construction of a property, so that the dream house does not become a nightmare before the end of the initial financing. Because a property costs constantly, and it is not just about monthly small amounts, but also by larger sums.

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