Cake Decoration – Design Ideas For Inspiration

Cake Decoration

Even if there are many how-to articles online, this one will give you few ideas on cake decorations that are widely used. Also, an often unknown trick of transforming a dull cake with an impressive cake box.

Cake Decoration

The actual techniques and steps are readily available everywhere in books and on the Internet so if you like anything here, just do some searching and you will find what you need. You will not find it difficult find a cake box that will make your cake even better. Don’t worry if any of the ideas sound too advanced (they are not!). With a little practice and some enthusiasm, you will perfect them along the way.

A Bouquet of Icing Roses

This works wonderfully on almost any cake, and looks especially elegant and endearing on a wedding or Valentine’s cake. This is easy to do. In fact, you can find lots of how-to articles or tutorial videos to help you make rose icing. When you know how to create one, you will easily make several more and you are done. Combining red and pink roses covered with white icing over your cake is good design for younger generation of cake or pastry lovers. White or light chocolate roses are fantastic on dark or pure chocolate flavor cake.

Cake Decoration

A hint when using icing roses is to ensure you factor in the extra height that they will add to your cake. The last thing you need is finding out at the last minute that your cake is too high for the cake box that you have purchased.

Lined Hearts

Cake Decoration

It is easy to see why hearts are as popular as roses when it comes to icing decorations; since they seem fantastic and effortless to create! Even if you have limited experience, you can still make geometric heart figures and place them nicely on the cake top. Using an icing bag and selected tips (there are heart-shaped tips too for added effect), draw out a simple heart shape and you are done! You can line the heart shapes around the circumference of the cake (hearts look best with round cakes), or in a single horizontal line at the center. To add some creativity try layering the hears on top of each other.You can further enhance your cake by presenting it in a heart shaped cake box.


Aside from 3D structures like roses and hearts, you can also use icing to draw shapes and designs on your cake. This is best achieved with fondant icing using a super thin icing tip, on a flat cake top (level it first). As for what to draw though, I’ll leave it to your imagination!

When you lack creativity, you can simply browse your cookbook or magazine and get some shapes that you can trace.Use a highly decorated cake box that will hide the fact that your cake is actually very simple.

These ideas are just for you to get started with your decorating. Never be intimidated to blend and combine all and see what you can make out of it. You have so many ways to decorate or design your cake, just use your own artistry and you will do it smoothly! Also, remember that if you are using a cake box that you choose one that complements and enhances your decorating efforts.


Cake Decoration

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